Linnea's Signature Honey

100% Natural Apaiary Products

New! We now have lemon and lavender lotion available for sale. If you would like some, contact us on our contact us page saying that you would like some because w make it fresh every batch. Just a warning--the batches are pretty big. If you would like a half batch please include that in the subject line and the flavor/scent you would like. Thank you and enjoy!

New! We now have Honey sticks! These are not like the flavored chemical filled straws that you can find at festivals that say that they are filled with “honey.” I say that because I (a) don’t trust that it is actual honey because the honey is super thin, just like corn syrup. And (b) I just don’t trust other honey... It’s so easy to fake the honey and make a lot of money from it by selling it as honey. Also (c) just because it says local on the package, that doesn’t mean that it is actually local. With my honey, you know its real, and made without chemicals and, of course, local! So go on over and buy some of our Honey Sticks. Forewarning--these are also made fresh, so it may take time to get them to you.
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